Waffles or Cake?

My guild tends to talk a lot on mumble during raids, and the topics can be pretty varied. Some not repeatable here…

One of the topics last night was what is the funniest/oddest/most inappropriate questions you had been asked on a guild application. One member told us of a guild she applied to that had the question “What man and woman would you most like to have a threesome with”. Which I’m pretty sure falls into the inappropriate category (*cough* Castiel from Supernatural and Faith from Buffy/Angel *cough*). My guild asks about cake (we are very cake-centric), and an older guild I was in asked if you preferred Waffles or Cake.

So what’s the most memorable thing you have been asked in an application? Is there any questions you’ve refused to answer, maybe have even been a deal breaker?

Personally I don’t like applications that demand I supply my real name.


No Blizzcon? Meh, No Big Deal IMO.

It was announced a few days ago that there will be no Blizzcon this year.  This has pissed off quite a few people, but really, I have no strong opinions either way.  I live in the UK, and don’t earn much, so it’s not like I would have been able to go anyway.  Sure, it’s been an ambition of mine to go to Blizzcon (and Comic-con) for years now, but realistically it’s not going to happen for a few years yet.  And I’ve never bothered signing up to the live feeds, don’t really see the point, with me it’s either all or nothing.

So no US blizzcon doesn’t piss me off.  But you know what does?  The fact that Blizzard has subscribers all over the damn world, and only the US get a Blizzcon.  Hey, how about giving other places a bit of love.  I’m not saying there should be one in the UK, and one in Germany and one in France all in the same year, but hell, why not hold one in a different country each year?  Or are we just not as important as the folks over in the US?

Promoted! Sort of…

I was unemployed for 3 years before I lande a job where I currently work.  Employers, when they saw I had been off work caring for my mentally ill ex-husband seemed to assume that meant I had been sat on my butt all day when the truth was I had to be ‘on duty’ as it were 24/7.  So finding a job after we split up wasn’t easy, and i was thrilled to get not just a job but in a place where I got on with the people i work with.

That was last year, and now my hard work has paid off.  I’ve been put on permenant contract, given htree whole bar shifts of my very own and best of all, have been told I can start doing some college courses my boss will pay for.  Woot!!

Ofcourse the downside is it stops me raiding in WoW on a tuesday, but I am not SO big a geek I will let that stop me 🙂

Gamers vs The Great Outdoors

Earlier this week I blogged about taking part in the CRO Challenge, a 12 mile walk in aid of the local Cave Rescue Organisation. I’ve been telling a few people about it, friends and relatives, and I’ve mainly had positive comments. But I’ve also had a certain type of comment from them too. “I didn’t think you gaming types liked going outside” or words to that effect.

We all know the stereotype. You mention gaming and people get the image in their heads of an overweight guys with bad hygiene sat in front of his PC or games console all hours. Like the guy in the South Park World of Warcraft episode.


But really, how many of us fit that stereotype? Hell, how many of us know someone like that? I don’t. The closest I have ever come to knowing someone like that was back in WoW vanilla when a 15 year old member of a guild I was in was banned from playing because he was playing the game when he should have been studying. A few years back when I had personal problems and I spent a lot of time playing WoW I would still go out and see friends, or do other things.

I dare say there ARE people who do spend far too much time playing games, who may fit partially into the stereotype, but all the gamers I know go out to work, have social lives and do plenty of activities outside the game. Like bellydancing 🙂

So do people really, honestly think we are all fat lazy no lifers?

Age Really Doesn’t Matter.

I saw this today on WoW Insider.  And I think it’s great.

Lets face it, when people think of someone who plays WoW they are going to think of geeky teenagers or middle age guys living in their parents basements, not a 70 year old woman.And not only does she play WoW, she plays it brilliantly!  Just goes to show age really doesn’t matter.


I still don’t think my 74 year old dad would be any good though, he only just manages Sky+.


What Was I Thinking!?

I’m the first person to admit that I am unfit. And yes, overweight, though I have been planning to change that. I’m a UK size 16/18, so not mahoosive but in a world where XL translates to a size 14 (if you are lucky) its huge. I will also admit I got that size because I was lazy. I was unemployed and dealing with personal stuff, and it was easier to stay at home and play Warcraft all day. Now I am employed in quite a physical job, and took up caving last summer, which has led to some weight loss, but I need to do more.


Since taking up caving I have been a supporter of the Cave Rescue Organisation in Clapham, North Yorkshire. If I get into difficulties then it’s these guys that will haul my ass out of that hole in the ground. And they don’t just pull people out of holes, they search for missing and injured walkers, runners and mountain bikers, even rescue trapped animals. They do a great job round here, and are funded by donations.

This morning lying in bed with G I saw on the CRO Facebook page they are running their annual CRO Challenge on the 12th May this year. And somehow I have been challenged by G to do the 12 mile version. I can walk it if I have to but ideally I’ll run at least part of it. He will do it with me, but this is Mr 30 Inch Waist so he won’t need as much preparation as me. So I have just over 4 months to get into a condition where I won’t die attempting this.

I’m not under any illusions it’s going to be easy. I know damn well I am going to have to work HARD to get into shape. And give up the cheesecake and the cup cakes…

And then comes the real hard part… An antisocial loner like me finding sponsors 😛

Oh, and did I mention it involves going up this?