Ah, Nostalgia!

As I am sure most guild have been, my guild has been quite quiet over the holiday season, taking a raid break etc.  So in a fit of nostala I decided to revisit the first starting area I ever did, Tirisfal Glades for the Undead.

My first ever character back when I started in 2004 was called Caisha, and was a priest.  She does still exist, but now she is a Blood Elf and is called Elphane.  I played Caisha for a year or so before I rerolled Alliance to play with some freinds, and apart from a brief stint back in BC, I have been Alliance ever since.


The Original Caisha:


Sadly this is the only picture I have of her as she used to be, it one I used as an avatar a while ago.

Anyway, as all my character slots are in use on my home server of Darkmoon Faire EU, I rolled my new baby Undead on Steamwheedle Cartel EU.  So here she is, the new Caisha.  Different hair colour and ok, she is a warrior, but she is the same in spirit!!

Isn’t she pretty!


So far she is level 15, and somewhat guildless, but I am enjoying the trip down memory lane.  Well, except it’s not exactly as the Undead areas have changed somewhat, what with Arthas being defeated, the Worgen emergingfrom Gilneas and Hillsbrad being overrun by the Forsaken.  I mean so far I haven’t run into a Son of Arugal, always fun the first time it happened 😛

The new quests are fun, with one NPC declaring ” I’m gonna start my OWN Forsaken! Forsaken with Elbows!”, and a rather nice questline involving a newly risen undead called Lilian Voss coming to terms with being not only undead but the fact her father, a member of the Scarlet Crusade doesn’t love his little girl now she’s become dead and stinky.

Silverpine forest has totally changed, with the Worgen being a big feature of this.  Sylvanas has changed alot since I first played undead too, both in appearance and attitude.  She now seems to command the Val’kyr, who can raise corpses to in order to increase the numbers of the Forsaken, something Garrosh Hellscream doesn’t like, but then I don’t like him, so you go girl!

Anyway, this is as far as I have gotten so far, so more entries later.



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