I’m Probably Going Against The Grain Here

I picked up Star Wars: The Old Republic for Christmas, after playing in the beta. I have always loved the original trilogy, and liked the Knights of the Old Republic games, so it seemed natural I’d pick up SW: TOR.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice little game. So far I’ve levelled a Sith Sorcerer and an Bounty Hunter Mercenary to lvl 11, but some how, once I am out of the starting areas I lose interest. Dromund Kaas just seems dull. I like the social aspect of the conversations in groups, and I love how you send your companion off to do the crafting bit of the game, but it’s lacking that ‘something’ to drag me in. Maybe I should give the Republic side a try, but so far I have to say I’ve not been lured away from WoW.


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