To LFR or Not To LFR

Since 4.3 hit I have heard many things about the Looking For Raiding function. I will admit I am a sensitive soul and find even LFG a little scary sometimes, with all the assholes out there (I’m allergic to “gogogogogo!” and “OMG you don’t do a zillion DPS, you suck!!!111one”). By all accounts LFR is even worse, and so so far I haven’t even set foot in a LFR raid. But now it’s getting to the point I feel I may have to.

This is my main. My average iLevel is 377, not helped by the utter lack of cloth shoulder drops in the new Twilight HCs for me. I know my rings aren’t enchanted, and I really need to get off my ass and grind Therazane rep to get shoulder enchants. In DS my DPS seems to bounce around from 15k to 20k depending on the fight. And soon we are going to be on Ultraxion.

So I need to raise my game. Which I am guessing means I need to grow a pair (not literally, that would really upset G) and go do some LFR. Is it really as bad as people make out? Can I do 10 mans or is it 25 man only? I have only done the first 3 DS bosses, I wont be thrown in at the deep end will I? I guess there is only one way to find out.

I’m going in. Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast.


3 responses to “To LFR or Not To LFR

  1. Good luck! It’s not THAT dreadful mostly. Well, it is, but I have found it bearable. Even with a group of morons each half of the LFR seems to be do-able in 1-1.5 hours which I found reasonable.

    I went with Dill and Daine for moral support the first few times. Being in Mumble and having Dill’s calming voice telling me what to do and when really helped 🙂

    Another suggestion would be to pick a random ranged dps and set them as your focus. Hit whatever they hit and move wherever they move. As you go through you may wish to change who you are following to shadow the highest ranged dpser.

    Good luck and happy loots! I found when I won something that my loot stayed on the corpse and I had to go collect it myself, rather than the game putting it in my bags – watch for this if you do win something.

    Don’t haggle people – all most of them are there for is loot – even if they have better gear or even the same gear. Need if you need and ignore please for justice (yeah, right – it’s a game – gtfo moron dps who thinks they own the place and have 10 or more gear levels higher than me but still wants all the loot).

    I look forward to stories of how it went 🙂

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