The Fallout After Monday!

Today is a bit of a crazy day. I got to work at 9.30 today and was immediately asked if I could also work behind the bar in the afternoon. Seems the guy meant to be working fell over when drunk on Monday, gave himself a black eye (faceplanted a minibus seat) and has now developed Conjunctivitis. The other bartender is on holiday so if I don’t work a few hours my boss will have to work 15 hours solid. I don’t mind, I need the money, and gives me a chance to show I can work a shift on my own. So all’s good.

Except I was wearing jeans and an old tshirt to clean in, and didn’t have any smart clothes with me. I also live three miles away from the pub. And don’t drive. So it was work til 12.45 housekeeping, get the bus home at 1.00, change, grab a sammich and get a bus back at 1.49.

Of course at home I couldn’t find my normal work pants so I’m having to wear a pair that give me a horrendous VPL. And I have a stinking cold and forgot to bring tissues. And waiting for the bus it hailed on me.

I really hope the guild raid is on tonight, I need to kill something.


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