LFR Loot Etiquette

I did my second ever LFR today along with a few of my fellow Enthusiasts. It was quite a surprise actually as the raid for the most part was smooth and above all polite. No name calling, even when we had a bit of an oops moment on some slimes. No wipes though, and people even put down refreshment tables and fish feasts. And lucky me, I got two upgrades, so yay!

There was one downer though. Hagara dropped two of the same token, the priest/paladin/other I can’t remember one. Me being me I rolled need on one and passed on the other. But one of the paladins rolled need on both and won both. Which started a whole load of QQing from one of healing priests. The paladin decided to keep both tokens, one for main spec and one for off spec. Now personally I do think this is unfair, but I wasn’t about to cause a whole load of drama over it.

So what do others think? Should the pally have kept both or handed one to someone else who needed the token for MS? Would you have rolled on both?


One response to “LFR Loot Etiquette

  1. I roll need on both, same as I would in a guild run, but then would have passed the second to the next highest roller if I won both. The game doesn’t know that you needed one and passed the other, so in future I would hedge your bets and roll on both!

    People do not play LFR fairly and I know a lot of rolling for friends goes on, which I why I rolled need on more shadow priest stuff and things I already have – so I could pass them to you 🙂

    That said it was a good run in terms of drama and shouting. I think people are settling down with it a bit more and learning what to do better, which makes for less grumpiness.

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