Mogging. Because IRL I’d Never Look Like That.

I wasn’t that into mogging when it came out. Quite a few of my guildies spent a lot if time running old school raids to get the perfect outfit, but me? Nah, I just ran endless dungeons or levelled ANOTHER alt. When the patch did hit, I found out a vendor in Archerus sold the DK starting gear, so I did buy a set of that for Moraith, but that was it.

Then last week I thought sod it. I had race changed Morrigu back to a Night Elf (I’ve fallen out of love with Worgen), and after this post by a guild mate, I made her a Black Mageweave set, mainly for shits and giggles, but also because I would never look good in that sort of thing in real life, so why not dress my character that way? Don’t get me wrong, women of any size and shape can look amazing in the right outfit, but the wrong outfit can make even the skinniest person look bad. And on the subject, don’t try and kid yourself you are a size lower than you actually are, ill fitting clothes can make you look bigger than you really are, so there really is no point. Anyway, back on topic…

Warning: Potential triggers under the cut.

Last night someone made a post on Dear Gnome, a Warcraft community over on LiveJournal. Complaining about female blood elves looking like they should be dancing round poles. Because obviously skimpy clothing = sex worker, or slut. It was nice to see how many people defended a womans right to wear anything she damn well pleases, she should dress for herself and however she dresses does not give anyone the right to harass her or do her harm, both IRL and in game. But then of course you got the “If you dress your character like a slut you have only yourself to blame if you harassed” comment. Nice victim blaming there. See my previous comments about women dressing for themselves etc, and the only person to blame for sexual assault and rape is the sick fuck who did it. And sorry to burst some bubbles, but women dressed in conservative clothing get attacked too. And sadly I speak from experience. I was wearing a sweatshirt, trousers and Doc Martens, I was totally covered up. And I didn’t ‘put myself at risk’ either, it happened at work, and my attacker was my boss. I did nothing wrong, he was the monster here. It’s taken 15 years and much counselling but I know now that it was NOT MY FAULT.

So if my Nelf wears a skimpy outfit and someone harasses me, still their problem, not mine. I just wish male armour could be as skimpy, for the sake of equality of course 😛

I will agree that women are objectified both in games and in real life, but personally in both cases there is more to that than clothing. After all, Jaina Proudmoore is quite modest but still acts like a wet lettuce compared to the male lead characters.


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