What Was I Thinking!?

I’m the first person to admit that I am unfit. And yes, overweight, though I have been planning to change that. I’m a UK size 16/18, so not mahoosive but in a world where XL translates to a size 14 (if you are lucky) its huge. I will also admit I got that size because I was lazy. I was unemployed and dealing with personal stuff, and it was easier to stay at home and play Warcraft all day. Now I am employed in quite a physical job, and took up caving last summer, which has led to some weight loss, but I need to do more.


Since taking up caving I have been a supporter of the Cave Rescue Organisation in Clapham, North Yorkshire. If I get into difficulties then it’s these guys that will haul my ass out of that hole in the ground. And they don’t just pull people out of holes, they search for missing and injured walkers, runners and mountain bikers, even rescue trapped animals. They do a great job round here, and are funded by donations.

This morning lying in bed with G I saw on the CRO Facebook page they are running their annual CRO Challenge on the 12th May this year. And somehow I have been challenged by G to do the 12 mile version. I can walk it if I have to but ideally I’ll run at least part of it. He will do it with me, but this is Mr 30 Inch Waist so he won’t need as much preparation as me. So I have just over 4 months to get into a condition where I won’t die attempting this.

I’m not under any illusions it’s going to be easy. I know damn well I am going to have to work HARD to get into shape. And give up the cheesecake and the cup cakes…

And then comes the real hard part… An antisocial loner like me finding sponsors 😛

Oh, and did I mention it involves going up this?



3 responses to “What Was I Thinking!?

  1. Ask us! If I can sponsor you, I will, it won’t be too much, because right now we don’t have much, but consider me in.

    Somehow, sizes have changed over the years. At my skinniest, I was a perfect 38, 28, 38, and I looked slender, but somehow I’d still be classed as a plus size these days if I were that. Somehow, we’ve changed into a society where skinny = fit, and I don’t like the associated bullying and name calling and shaming that goes with it. It stinks. People are beautiful whatever, and we’ve forgotten that along the way.

    Also, exercise? Bellydance! Great fun, it’s not exercise if you’re wearing sequins!!

    • Bellydancing? I wish we had classes round here, it does sound fun. Even Zumba kind of appeals.

      At my smallest I was a size 12, even as a teenager. I am about 5ft 8 and I think I’d look terrible any skinnier than that. And skinny can be just as unhealthy as being overweight.

      • Post me a message on the guild forum mail with your location, and I’ll ask my Yorkshire bellydance friend what’s going on and if there’s something close to you- they don’t always get mentioned, and you might be able to rustle up a class in the area too, if there’s enough interest.

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