No Blizzcon? Meh, No Big Deal IMO.

It was announced a few days ago that there will be no Blizzcon this year.  This has pissed off quite a few people, but really, I have no strong opinions either way.  I live in the UK, and don’t earn much, so it’s not like I would have been able to go anyway.  Sure, it’s been an ambition of mine to go to Blizzcon (and Comic-con) for years now, but realistically it’s not going to happen for a few years yet.  And I’ve never bothered signing up to the live feeds, don’t really see the point, with me it’s either all or nothing.

So no US blizzcon doesn’t piss me off.  But you know what does?  The fact that Blizzard has subscribers all over the damn world, and only the US get a Blizzcon.  Hey, how about giving other places a bit of love.  I’m not saying there should be one in the UK, and one in Germany and one in France all in the same year, but hell, why not hold one in a different country each year?  Or are we just not as important as the folks over in the US?


4 responses to “No Blizzcon? Meh, No Big Deal IMO.

  1. I think they keep it in California because Blizz staff are mostly afraid of flying.

    I deduce this from the fact that its wildly…er widely speculated that all Blizz employees play Horde.

    …and we all know how Orcs feel about being hurtled through the air in a metal tube with nothing to eat but peanuts.

    • I’m sure it is worth the money, but I’d have to pay airfares on top of it all, and right now my fianances won’t stretch that far. One year I will go, but I’d still like one a bit more local to me.

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