Promoted! Sort of…

I was unemployed for 3 years before I lande a job where I currently work.  Employers, when they saw I had been off work caring for my mentally ill ex-husband seemed to assume that meant I had been sat on my butt all day when the truth was I had to be ‘on duty’ as it were 24/7.  So finding a job after we split up wasn’t easy, and i was thrilled to get not just a job but in a place where I got on with the people i work with.

That was last year, and now my hard work has paid off.  I’ve been put on permenant contract, given htree whole bar shifts of my very own and best of all, have been told I can start doing some college courses my boss will pay for.  Woot!!

Ofcourse the downside is it stops me raiding in WoW on a tuesday, but I am not SO big a geek I will let that stop me 🙂


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