Waffles or Cake?

My guild tends to talk a lot on mumble during raids, and the topics can be pretty varied. Some not repeatable here…

One of the topics last night was what is the funniest/oddest/most inappropriate questions you had been asked on a guild application. One member told us of a guild she applied to that had the question “What man and woman would you most like to have a threesome with”. Which I’m pretty sure falls into the inappropriate category (*cough* Castiel from Supernatural and Faith from Buffy/Angel *cough*). My guild asks about cake (we are very cake-centric), and an older guild I was in asked if you preferred Waffles or Cake.

So what’s the most memorable thing you have been asked in an application? Is there any questions you’ve refused to answer, maybe have even been a deal breaker?

Personally I don’t like applications that demand I supply my real name.


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