It’s Going to be a Mad March

If Amazon UK are to be believed not only is Mass Effect 3 out in March, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City are out as well. This is not a Good Thing if true. 3 games I am desperate to play, but a) I can’t afford all three unless I sell a kidney or something and b) I don’t have enough time to fit in work, quality time with G and 3 games.

So priorities… I love Mass Effect and have been waiting for number 3 for ages. But I am also a massive Aliens fan. Resident Evil… Well I’m playing Revelations on the 3DS right now so that will hold me on that front for a while. Choices, choices.

What the hell, I’ll get more mileage out of ME3, and I’ll have to fight G for time on the Aliens game, so it’s ME3 first! Must get the collectors edition, I want FemShepherd in all her glory!

**EDIT** And I’m saving for Whitby Goth Weekend in April too. Augh!!!


2 responses to “It’s Going to be a Mad March

  1. i pre ordered aliens colonial in January so i hope it is out this march and am getting news that it is coming out in autumn!!!!

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