Since When Do Girls Play Games?

I had a troll comment on my blog a few days ago who said “Since when do girls play games”. Annoying.

**EDIT** It wasn’t a troll, it was meant as fun and in my Lemsip addled mind I got it wrong so I must apologise. Very sorry, won’t happen again!

Today though I have been I’ll with some kind of throat infection and fever, and through lack of anything else to do I started thinking about when I started playing computer games.

I started pretty early. My brother and sister had an Atari 2600 console, and I can remember playing on that from an early age. Especially a game called Smurf. This was back in the 80’s, and I went from that to a Sega Master System. Oh Alex Kid, you were so annoying.

I was always a Sega fan, I never really got into Nintendo, so I obviously then went on the get the Sega Megadrive (Genesis if you are from the US). And ok, maybe not many girls played games like I did, but me and my best friend did so we would play Eternal Champions or The Lion King together. I have always been a bit of a Tomboy I guess. And I had a mother who thought playing games like Street Fighter 2 was therapeutic after a hard day at school.

With the advent of the Sega Saturn and the original Playstation I ended up going down the Playstation route. When I was 18 I had an operation on my feet and couldn’t walk, so mum bought me Resident Evil 2 to pass the time. There was one day she and my dad went out, putting the game on before she left. Unfortunately she left my crutches on the other side of the room so I couldn’t get up to do anything else, and she came back to a slightly RE overdosed me yelling abuse at Ada Wong for getting in way.

I didn’t get into PC gaming until my early 20s, never having owned one until then. Neverwinter Nights started me on RPGs and online gaming, I was even a RP DM on a server called The Mists of Kysostar. Sadly that came to an end when a game called World of Warcraft came out and the people who maintained the server left to play that.

It was 2005 I decided to play Warcraft myself, and still play it to this day. I own a PS3, Xbox 360, PSP and a Nintendo 3DS as well as my PC. I am a huge fan of the Resident Evil, Dragon Age and Mass Effect games. I preordered my copy of the collectors edition of Mass Effect 3 yesterday so I can get the FemSheperd box.

So this girl at least has been playing games all my life.

Am I any less female for this? No. I like girly stuff too. Do I suck at games because I’m female? No, it’s not like I play games with my genitals is it. G is male and he isn’t great at games, but that’s because he doesn’t play them much. It’s not about what’s between you legs, it’s about practice.

So troll, get over yourself.


13 responses to “Since When Do Girls Play Games?

      • It seemed so to me too, but I thought I recognised the name from the blogosphere so I had a quick snoop and found they’ve given you some link love.

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  2. nice gaming history.. sort of the same as me except I went Atari 2600, to the XP/XE line, and an ST.. the PC’s.. threw in some C64 stuff in between as well as a TI994/a. Gamers are gamers. Theerivs just has fun being a dick. He seems like a cool guy too. :).

    • My parents were of the opinion that if I wanted to play games then I should have a console, computers were for other thing, so I never had an ST. My fiancé was my best friend as a kid though and he had one do I’d play on his ST. I have many fond memories of playing Gauntlet with him and his brother.

  3. Gotta say I was led by the nose over here from Rivs’ blog. I love your blog name. Interesting gaming history, I’ll have to read more of your stuff.

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