I Did it AGAIN!!

It only feels like yesterday that I posted this about my first trip into LFR.  Since then I have done the Siege of Wyrmrest Temple quite a few tim, but I have never dared to try The Fall of Deathwing.  Until today!

I’ve gotten as far as the Spine of Deathwing with my guild, so I thought it may be time to try LFR.  It was a usual full of people whining about things, and an annoying DK he thought he was the mutts nuts, but it went fine.  A few wipes but meh, I can live with that.  And I didn’t actually win any loot, which I am very glad about in one respect as I accidentally rolled need on a healer mace that dropped from Deathwing and I can only imagine the QQing if I had won it.

And here is the surprise:


5th over all on the DPS.  And above the annoying DK, which just adds to the enjoyment.  Of course as far as I know it could have been a crappy DPS raid, but I’m still pleased with myself.  If I wasn’t on a diet I’d have some cake.


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