Friday Night! Fun, Frolics and Frogs

This post is brought to you by the letter F.

And sadly only two of those last three words is accurate this Friday night. And surprise surprise, it’s the frog part.

My lurgy cleared up enough today so I was able to work my full shift. Which wasn’t too bad, not too busy and not too quiet, and I only wanted to kill 3 noisy children. I’m great at customer service me 😛 It will be much nicer when the kids go back to school next week.

Anyway, my shift finished at 6 so G picked me up and we stopped off at the local shop/ petrol station to get something nice for dinner. And as G queued to pay there was a commotion by the door.

Me being the nosy person I am I went to see what’s up and there it was. A fully grown frog had hopped in through the open door. It’s like 3 inches long and yet from people’s reaction to it you’d think it was a massive mutant trying to hump their leg. Even the few men around seemed grossed out, one offering the solution “Stamp on it!!”. So I swoop in, pick it up and place the slimy little fella in a safe spot outside. This just seemed to freak people out even more. Most couldn’t believe I touched it, and some bright spark was convinced I would now get warts. For one thing that’s supposedly toads, and for another thing it’s Not True. It’s a harmless for people, it was more scared of us that we were of it, and yes, don’t worry, I washed my hands afterwards.

Flee! It will swallow your soul!!


Sadly that is likely the high point of my Friday, so I’m going to settle down with a bottle of wine and watch anime. Again.


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