Now I Am Tree

Don’t wait until everyone’s there before you pull. Don’t worry if you’re not the tank. You’re so epeentastic, it’ll all work out, even if he’s afk and has fallen asleep. Blame the healers when the dragons aren’t taunted down and the floor is being redecorated in lots of purple fire.

Internet disconnects. No, Internet really DOES disconnect. It’s perfectly reasonable to have many childish giggles about how Internet’s down too.

It’s also perfectly reasonable to have a protracted argument in raid chat about whether one of the mages has ninja-ed the shoulders he already has, even when he argues it’s for his offspec. It’s even more reasonable when the person arguing is one of the tanks and is highly obnoxious with it.

If in doubt, threaten someone with kicking. Always, always pin the blame on someone else, and whinge mightily about it loudly and publicly. If loot drops, whisper whoever…

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