Silent Hill and the Overactive Imagination

Some people are mourning the passing of the good old fashioned imagination. With kids nowadays not bothering to read and being spoon fed tv and films from an early age it does seem a little doomed. I read quite a few of the Harry Potter books before the films, and I can tell you now Harry Potter in my head does not look like Daniel Radcliffe.

But imagination has its downsides, two examples of which I will tell you about now. Forgive me, I didn’t play any WoW all weekend and I’m reaching here content wise.

First of all, if you have ever played the Silent Hill games, or seen the movie, you’ll know about how when the old air raid type siren goes off the world suddenly changes into a messed up, rusted iron, blood stained version of itself where things like skinned babies leap out at you. Yeah, it’s lovely, and I can’t get enough of these games. Ho hum…

Anyway, quite close to the village I work in there is a working stone quarry. And like most quarries they use shaped charges to blast off sections of rock. Just before they blast they use a siren just like the one in Silent Hill to warn workers. And of course if the wind is right the sound carries right over the village. So I’m stood at work looking out of a window, knowing Silent Hill isn’t real and wondering if things are about to get really messed up.

Sad isn’t it…

Secondly, I have started reading a series of books by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child known as the Pendergast series after the FBI Special Agent Pendergast who stars in them. The first books is called Relic, and some of you may remember a movie done about 2000 called The Relic about a monster in a Natural History Museum. Well that was based on the first novel, and is nowhere near as good as the book, especially as the people who made the movie cut out Agent Pendergast, who admittedly has a smaller roll in the book than the later novels. They are an odd mix of murder mystery and sci-fi with some occult stuff thrown in and I’m kind of hooked. I’m now on the third book, The Cabinet of Curiosities, and loving it.

Read it up til midnight last night, and would have read later but I didn’t want to get up too late this morning. And something happened that’s not happened for quite a while… I had bad dreams based on the book. Now this may be a case of my subconscious hating me rather than my Overactive imagination, and I was not amused but a little impressed.

So yeah, the imagination has its down side, but I wouldn’t get rid of it for the world.

Anyway, I must go, it’s breakfast time and I need to do my morning routine of lifting weights and stomach crunches.

Hopefully tonight I will have some special screenshots though as my guild, who have had a few problems of late, are taking on Deathwing in the final fight of DS. Watch this space.


3 responses to “Silent Hill and the Overactive Imagination

  1. Oh I LOVE the Pendergast Books! We listened to the whole available Audiobooks, the last one has been “Cold Vengeance”. Can’t wait for the next one to come out…

    So, you’re at “Cabinet of Curiosities” then? It’s awesome! Yeah, I’m a fan-girl… Actually, I can also recommend some other books of the authors, for example “Thunderhead” is one of my favourites, as it features Bill Smithback, the reporter. 🙂

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