Blizzard: A Yay and a WTF All in One Day!

Yesterday was a mixed day WoW wise. The Yay was very yay, and I guess the WTF wasn’t that bad, just vaguely annoying. That the spammers started the whole “Anal *insert item or ability here*” crap in trade the past few nights is more annoying, but that’s a whole other rant.

Let’s start off with the yay shall we? Last Thursday I got the Vagaries of Time caster mace from Morchok. At the time I was using a staff from FL but I was pretty sure I had the Demonic Skull offhand quest reward in my bank for just this eventuality. After the raid though I was in a rush and logged before checking, and being a busy little Morri didn’t log on until Monday. Only to find I’d not kept the offhand after all.


So I rolled need on an item I couldn’t use right away.

However I decided to open a ticket to see if a GM could restore it for me, not really expecting much luck, but the next day I get this:

Greetings ,

My name is Game Master Zyrillias. I’m sorry I couldn’t talk to you earlier but I crashed with my Mammoth Deidre while I was racing another Game Master. Don’t worry she is fine. But I had the time to take a look at your ticket while I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctor.

Good news Sethi. I found your Demonic Skull and restored them for you after Deidre got the okay that she is fine. You will the Skull in your mailbox. 🙂


Game Master Zyrillias
Ingame Services
Blizzard Entertainment Europe

Ok, not sure who Sethi is, but what a nice reply, I expected the usual copypasta response at least. And sure enough, the skull was waiting for me in my mailbox.

I’ve seen GM’s get a lot of flack in my years playing WoW, but any time I’ve had to contact them they have been brilliant. I must post my drunken hug ticket response at some point.

So now for the WTF. Last night we didn’t get enough guild sign ups to go and try to kill Deathwing, so we borrowed a few members from a friendly guild and headed off to FL to keep our hands in. I took Morrigu, and we zipped through, and got to Ragnaros in record time. A few people hadn’t been that far before so there were a few false starts, but the third attempt was going great. Suddenly… I DC. My guildies assured me on Mumble it was ok, and they would res me once I got back in. Except when I got back in I was alive and well. And in Stormwind. I could only listen as my guild mates killed Raggy. Now it’s not like I needed anything from him, and I’d killed him plenty of times, but what a crap end to my nights raiding. So WTF Blizzard? I know, it’s just one of those things but really, WTF…


4 responses to “Blizzard: A Yay and a WTF All in One Day!

  1. As to your “yay” moment. I’ve also had excellent luck with talking to the GMs. Generally what I’ve found is that if you are complete, accurate, and not asking for something outside of reasonable game stuff, the GMs are more than willing to help out. I’ve worked with GMs three or four times. The first did have me a little disheartened; as I was helping my sweetie with a quest, and the quest mob failed to drop the quest item. We ended up having to kill the mob again, presumably because there’s no way to verify the actual kill coinciding with having the quest.

    But the other times I’ve talked with them, they’ve been more than willing to help, including explaining the backend process for associating authenticators with your in-game characters (I require my officers to have authenticators, and it wasn’t correctly registering a new officer’s authenticator); telling me where I was in the OOX quest line; and properly creditting me with an achievement.

    On your WTF moment – unfortunately, your DC and a hiccup in the system that keeps players from zerging bosses probably coincided to have you hearthed by the time you actually got through your login screen. I’ve had the same sort of thing happen to me on one or two occasions.

  2. Did you log in on another character before you logged back in on Morrigu – I think if you do that it can send you back to SW. It was sad that you got sent away though. Hugs.

  3. I had something like that happen to me quite a few times lately. When I forget to lower my graphic settings when in LFR, my computer crashes usually at Ultraxion. And I’m then usually ported back to Dalaran, when I’m back in the game. Annoying, I feel your pain!
    But yay for the GM! Like Shoryl said, when you’re reasonable and polite in your ticket, they mostly are pleasant and fun in their reply.

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