Thursday Doesn’t Even Start

I woke up yesterday to find my cold had come back, which was annoying as I had a driving lesson first thing, and quite frankly sneezing whilst controlling a car going 50 miles an hour quite frankly scared the shit out of me. But I lived, obviously, and did a cracking job of reversing round a corner. Plus I made my instructor laugh as I talk to myself about what I’m doing. I came to a junction and came out with “Slow down, clutch and brake upto the line, into first, nothing coming, bit of gas bit of clutch OOOH FORD CAPRI!!!”


I love Ford Capri’s. They are so 80,s, and from a time when cars looked different whereas nowadays they all look the same. I am determined to own one one day. So when I saw one and squeaked in delight my instructor informed me she has had 3 in the past, she loves them too.

Anyway, I was feeling ropey when I got back so I dosed myself with Lemsip and decided to quietly play some WoW. But of course the people in game had other ideas.

First I logged onto my baby undead warrior for a while. I had bags bulging with Mithril so I did some Jewelcrafting in the hope I could just have a quiet afternoon. But no, trade chat started up when guy playing a hunter had started whining in trade about AH prices and how he couldn’t afford anything and no one would sell him stuff cheaper and it was SO UNFAIR when someone made a comment along the lines of “I guess school’s finished early”. Well this set the guy off yelling in trade he was 21 and had a job which was way better than any of our jobs. But the guy couldn’t spell for toffee, which started people asking what kind of great job he had when he couldn’t even write a coherent sentence. So he raged more and more about how spelling and grammar doesn’t matter unless you are a loser. I’m guessing he really was a kid IRL, and after calling the general population of WoW fat ugly virgins his parting shot was along the lines of I earn more money than you all and my life is so much better than yours. If he isn’t a kid, well, I feel sorry for his workmates if they have to work with an entitled asshole like that. I know I should have just put him on ignore but hell, the stuff he was coming out with beggared belief. I didn’t know whether to laugh or weep for the future of humanity.

So then I decided to do LFR with Morrigu. First half went smoothly, but the second half was a disaster. Dunno what was up with the tanks yesterday but they sucked. It took 4 tries and 3 changes of tank to get Ultraxion down. It was… Painful. Which meant the rest of the run was full of upset people yelling abuse at each other. So the moral we learned here is don’t do LFR when you feel like crap, it makes things worse.

I thought there was an upside to the raid though. I was happy to get the LFR version of the Gloves of Liquid Smoke, which I duly gemmed and enchanted. And then I promptly won the tier glove token in the guild run that night. *sigh*

I’m not going to play today. I’m going to finish work at 6 and go home to bed.

(Bonus points to anyone who gets the title of this post)


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