Random Acts of Kindness

It occurs to me I complain too much about people in Warcraft. So here is something totally different. In your time playing WoW, are there any instances of an act of kindness by a random stranger?

The one that sticks in my mind is when I first started playing WoW. It was in my first month or so and I’d just rolled on the EU server Shadowsong. I’d decided to try a hunter, and had just finished the Orc/Troll starting zone and was running up to Orgrimmar at about level 10 when a level 60 hunter challenged me to a duel. I accepted at got my ass kicked obviously. He did it again, and stood allowing me to plunk away at him before one shotting me. He did this a couple of times and I was getting bored, when he /w me to follow him. We went into Org, where he bought me a load of stuff off the AH and gave me 20g for being patient. His name I think was Ssilent, but I can’t find any trace of him any more. But his random act has stuck with me through all my years playing. I didn’t keep playing the hunter but the gold helped start up my priest, which was my first 60 and exists today on a different server.

So my dear readers, have any of you had this kind of experience? Let’s remember the good bits of the game for a change.


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