Talk About In At The Deep End

My guild was doing a DS progression raid tonight. Due to being casual and having some attendance issues we are still working on our first Madness of Deathwing kill. Which we didn’t do tonight but holy hell…

Let me just say I have done LFR on all three of my raid geared 85’s. Ok the first time I healed it on my Shaman, Petaline, I nearly wee’d myself, but it went well. She’s currently at 378 iLevel, and though I’ve healed all of FL I’m a tad inexperienced.

But one of our main healers has gotten healing burnout and wants to DPS. So tonight I was drafted in to heal DS. Starting at the Spine. No easing in gently for me!! Nope, it’s in the thrown in the deep end by the seat of my pants way for me! And I don’t think I did too badly, we at least got the Spine down.

But maybe on Thursday I can start from the beginning…


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