Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly

I have to apologise for being so quiet this week. It’s been one of THOSE weeks…

Between overtime and visits to the dentist I’ve been really busy. Dentist was fine btw, just a check up.

Then today was supposed to be a normal day. Sun was shining, I was nearly done at work when I get the message my mum has had a fall and has been taken to hospital. So it’s jump in the car and head down to the hospital which is 15 miles away. She’s not badly hurt, just a bit bruised but to be honest it was an accident waiting to happen. My mum is 64 and has MS, so she uses a mobility scooter to get around. It’s top speed is 8mph and she rides it like a maniac. Top speed EVERYWHERE, and usually down the middle of the road. We’ve all tried to talk to her about being more careful but she’s having none of it. And today she lost control and rode it too close to the edge of the pavement and went right over sideways. She was damn lucky there wasn’t a car coming.

So no, no harm done but it’s been one hell of a week…


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