Better Than a Dream

I have just heard the strangest thing.  I was watching a bit of TV when an ad for the new Katie Melua album came on.  She’s not really my kind of thing, but they played part of a song that I realised I recognised. And it took me right back to the early 90’s and my childhood.

Anyone else remember The Dreamstone?

I don’t know if it was shown outside the UK, but I loved it.  And Katie Melua has only gone and covered the theme tune.

The Original:

Katie Melua

Not a bad version, and it turns out that Mike Batt (who wrote and sang the original) just happens to be her manager.

Oh, and Billy Connolly, Ozzy Osbourne and Frank Bruno sang the bad guys theme tune.  I won’t post a video of that.  It’s… bad.

But whats worse is I got rule 34’d on the first page on images for this.  Another bit of my childhood is ruined.


2 responses to “Better Than a Dream

  1. Now that is a random group for the bad guys theme song. A comedian, a singer you can only understand when he sings (I saw him at Ozzfest and Blizzcon) and a boxer.

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