Damn You Gamestation…

I buy all my games from my local Gamestation.  I love that shop, the people who work in the one near me are fun, friendly and don’t care if I have a vagina when buying games, unlike the local Game store where a male member of staff would only speak to G even after it was confirmed he didn’t want the game, I did.  Both stores are owned by the same comany, so it just goes to show your staff can really let you down.

I’ve shopped there for a good 5 years or more, and have always have had great service.  Until now.

For those who don’t know, Mass Effect 3 is released on Friday. For me this is a huuuuuuge thing.  I have been saving my trade in on my Gamestation Reward Card, because I wanted the Collectors Edition of the game. Which comes with the tin with the femShepherd artwork on. I preordered with them and thought that was that.

So imagine my joy when talking about how excited I was about ME3 on facebook the other day and a friend of mine piped up “You ordered with Gamestation?  But they have cancelled all preorders, they won’t even stock the game…”

And what do you know, it was true. To quote T3 “Game and Gamestation will not be stocking Mass Effect 3 when it’s released. Game have claimed that this is a ‘supply issue’ however a source talking to CVG believes it is a credit issue with EA Games.”

Now if the company is in difficulties then I can understand.  I may not like it but I understand.  But the thing that really pisses me off is I found out that my preorder had been cancelled from a random person on the internet, and not from the people at my local store who have my details and haven’t even bothered to phone me. Chances are I would have turned up at the shop and only then would I have been told.

So I’ve preordered a normal copy of the game through Amazon.  I can’t afford the CE version without the trade ins I had saved. But it’s better than nothing…


4 responses to “Damn You Gamestation…

  1. The same with Game, when I asked the girl in Game what it was all about she said EA have attached too many strings to them stocking it. It is only EA that are being like this and all the other suppliers are fine.

    The biggestproblem is that there are only limited numbers of the CE with each stockist and all the ones I have tried have sold out of the CE and only have the normal edition left.

    Damn You Game.

  2. Oh boy, that sucks big time. Even if it’s a problem with EA, I would expect Game to inform their customers. That is really bad customer service to leave them hanging like this.

  3. You might want to cash in that trade-in credit sooner rather than later. Game/Gamestation no longer selling games published by EA (the largest game publisher in the west) sounds very much to me like overture to the bankruptcy symphony.

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