My Latest Project in WoW

I really need to be stopped sometimes.

Let me introduce my new project, Pinkamena. She was languishing on another server so a few days ago I brought her across to DMF, dusted her off and renamed her in my own slightly crazy fashion.


I’ve been feeling a bit depressed recently, it’s something I’ve dealt with on and off for a while now. So to cheer myself up I decided to do something silly. My love of WoW and my love of MLP:FIM collides! I couldn’t name her Pinkie Pie, but I could name her Pinkamena, Pinkamena Diane Pie being Pinkies real name. And I am going to get her a whole pink outfit. And a balloon as that fits Pinkie perfectly. And I’ll level her cooking so she can bake cupcakes!

Even Deadpool loves Pinkie Pie…


Yes, I have lost the last vestiges of my sanity.


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