Act Your Age? Or Why I Was in Asda This Saturday.

I had a bad week last week, depression wise. It’s something I’ve fought on and off for years, and the stress of the previous weekend caught up with me last Tuesday. After a few days of moping G asked on Saturday if there was anything that would cheer me up after work. I got him to drive me to the local Asda supermarket.

Now a supermarket doesn’t cheer me up, in fact when they are busy I find them oppressive. But Asda sells something that I decided to buy to cheer myself up.

These to be exact.


They cost £1.97 and have a random pony figure inside. I bought £10 worth.


Bagged them up, went back to the car and opened them, cheering when I got Twilight Sparkle and Applejack. G just looked at me, thinking I’d finally lost it. Then he decided if it made me happy, what the hell. But he did ask if I felt childish buying them.

I’m 31. I cared for my disabled mum from the age of 11. I still care for her on and off now, as well as my 74 year old dad (they are no longer together). I work 5 days a week. I am grown up a hell of a lot of the time. So I buy ponies, play computer games, cover the top of the tv with stuffed animals and watch cartoons sometimes. Childish? Who cares! It’s my way of forgetting about the stress of my mums illness, the customer who was a prat during the day, the bills I have to pay. It stops me feeling so depressed I can’t function. I can’t understand people who are serious All. The. Time. Where do they get their joy from? I watch My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and see the positive messages it puts across and it makes me feel good. I love The Gruffalo, I can’t wait til I have kids I can read it to!

So a bit of childishness sometimes is a good thing.

And don’t forget the words of George Bernard Shaw:

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

And if all else fails, remember this from Dr Seuss:



12 responses to “Act Your Age? Or Why I Was in Asda This Saturday.

  1. The best thing someone once said to me was “What anyone else thinks of me is none of my business”. It made me stop and think.

    Bugger the rest of them. Enjoy what you enjoy. If you are happy, you can help make others happy. Hugs.

  2. Apple Jack was my first and favourite pony of the original My Little Ponies. She and Spike survived well into my University days but I think got thrown out when I moved in my husband. I might well have to go to Asda in search of a mini replacement.

    Personally I intend acting my shoe size not my age for as along as possible. I still get MacDonald’s happy meals and Kinder Eggs. I hate the chocolate wrapped around the Kinder Eggs though, always have. When I was small, I’d give it to my Dad, now my Husband gets it.

    I suppose I don’t see it as childish, even though they are products designed originally for children. Harry Potter was written for children yet every adult I know has either read the books or watched the movies. In fact, I’d say certain types of behaviour, name calling for example is far more “childish” than someone who is older than 12 watching cartoons.

    Also Scooby Doo is awesome 😀

    • My favourite was Skydancer, but Applejack and Spike are the only ‘original’ characters in the new series. I remember getting the Dream Estate for Christmas one year, I was thrilled! And my older brother took me to see the movie when that came out. When I stopped playing with them my mum gave them to G’s little sister.

      And I love Kinder Eggs too! I like the chocolate too so it makes me happy. I think the toys aren’t as good nowadays though. The last toy I got was a glider thing that flew like a brick.

      And yes, Scooby Doo rocks. And Horrible Histories.

  3. As long as it makes you happy, all is good! And they ARE really cute. If I could find them around here, I’m sure I would get some. And I LOOOOVE Kinder Eggs. At the moment there are really huge ones for Easter. I didn’t give in yet to buy one, though. I probably will eventually. Big toys!
    Erich Kästner – a German writer, who for example wrote “Das doppelte Lottchen” (The parent trap), once said this (roughly translated): Only those who grow up and stay child are real human beings.

  4. I think that too many people make a big deal out of being “Childish”.

    The old days our gone. Our generation and after will watch cartoons as adults and play video games.

    My TV is almost always tuned into Cartoon Network. I would rather watch Adventure Time and Regular Show than many of the shows that are on regular network television.

    Being Childish has gone the way of the stay at home wife. A thing of the past.

  5. I love this entry. I still get comments from people that I’m dying my fringe blue and if I’m not getting too old for it (i’ll be 32 this year). I refuse to conform to their standards on what is mature. In my opinion I’ve matured by not caring what other people think of me any longer and just do what I want. And to top that off I’m going to Asda and get some of those adorable ponies!!!

    • I am thinking of dying my hair purple or red in places, depends on what my boss at work says.

      They sell them at Morrisons too. I just bought another five 😛

      • I was a bit hesitant in the beginning when I bleached my entire hair. In the meantime it’s now half black and half blue and I’m really happy that I did it. work is always an issue though :/ at the job i’m in now it is fine, if I move back to Holland and start teaching again… not so sure 😉

  6. There are lots of quotes on this topic but my favorite, for obvious reasons is this:

    The reluctance to put away childish things may be a requirement of genius. -Rebecca Pepper Sinkler

    I plan on remaining a genius forever!

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