Smart? Maybe Not. Satisfying? Hell Yes!!!!

It’s been a busy weekend, so this is the first chance I have had to do LFR Petaline, my resto Shammy.  First half I only got the VP, which is enough, but second half, I got Timepiece of the Bronze Flight, a nice shield that was an upgrade.  And tbh I loooooove shields, they are far nice than Off Hands IMO, so double yay!

But what is this?  Mr Healing Pally isn’t happy that I have won it.  He WANTS THAT SHIELD!! And I won’t hand it over as he is being whiney and rude.  I did inspect his gear, it was the same upgrade for him, so not like he only had a 359 or anything.

So it’s onwards and upwards, and we put down Deathwing like the rabid animal he is.  And Maw of the Dragonlord drops.  Again, an upgrade for me, so I roll on it.  So does Mr Pally-ally-alladin, and wins, even though he has the 403 version.  “GIVE ME THE SHIELD OR I’LL VENDOR THE MACE” he says.

Now this is me we are talking about.  I’ve dealt with assholes all my life, from the guy who wee’d on my My Little Pony toy when I was 5 to getting the snot kicked out of me to save a kitten from someone wish it harm (He was 6ft 5, that didn’t stop me) so an internet tough guy doesn’t phase me.  And I have this mindset where I don’t give into bullies.

“Vendor it then.” And with that, I left the raid.

Did I want the mace?  Is the Pope Catholic?  Of course I did.  Was it a better upgrade? Sure it was.  But come on, if I give into people like that they’ll think they can get away with shit like that all the time, so no, I am not going to enable his crappy behaviour.  I feel bad for the other people who needed that mace though.

So, maybe I cut my own nose off to spite my face, but damn, it was satisfying!


7 responses to “Smart? Maybe Not. Satisfying? Hell Yes!!!!

  1. Before they changed the way it works, I won 2 of the same Tier pieces from a boss in LFR. Now, not being a Goblin, I decided I would freely inform people that I had 2 pieces, and if anyone was interested in having one, to /roll for it. The guy with the highest roll came up to me and opened trade window. We completed the trasnaction, and off he went. Not one word of thanks did I get, nothing. Now it rankles with me that I gave such an ungrateful person free loot. Oh well, it was my own fault I guess.

    • A little politeness gets you a long way. I’d maybe have given him the shield if he had asked nicely and given me a good reason, but I don’t give into demands.

      And I always say thanks if someone does me a good turn.

  2. A month or so late, but… this behaviour should always, always be rejected as you did rather than rewarded with compliance.

    The timepiece can be frustrating to get, since it’s marked ‘DPS’ for the sake of ele shammies, and due to the poorly-conceived loot system this means that you may well lose it to ill-mannered ret paladins three weeks running*. Doesn’t excuse what is essentially trying to bully another player for the loot they rightfully earned.

    * i’m not bitter, not at all, oh nooooo…

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