20 Days of WoW Blogging – Day 13 – People (players/bloggers) that you admire

There are many people in this game I admire.

Sherise/Celiso/she of many names from my guild is one. She lives a very busy life with her job and yet still manages to kick ass when she does get to raid. And all the alts!! I don’t know how she keeps track!

And Theanorak, who’s job it is to keep us Enthusiasts in line and saved the guild from disaster by stepping in a GM at a bad time.

And Alquiel, who got me into this great guild. Maybe she isn’t a tree much anymore but she’s a great DK instead 🙂

And Anka, even if she is now Horde scum ( ^^ ), because she had the guts to follow her heart. (Now that sounds painful)

And Sephrenia, for the amazing amount of pets and outhealing me all the damn time!

Blog wise, well you just have to look at my Blogroll. Everyone I have listed have great things to say, I’d recommend any of them.

And the people who don’t fall into either catagory:

Boalicina, the gnome Mage from an old guild I was in, because he mixed being a skilled player with a lovely, lively person.

And Hallan, or rather my friend Oscar, who went from being an ingame friend to a real life friend, for going back to school and achieving his dreams no matter how hard it was.

And now for the non WoW stuff:

George Takei, for having an awesome voice and all his hard work for LGTB rights.

My friend Coileach, for his humanity and love of all things chicken related!

My dad for dealing with the crap the last few years have thrown at him, and still being able to play 9 holes of golf aged 74, albeit full of painkillers to do so.

And my brother, who has dealt with a bad knee and two operations, and has just started his own blog about working on the railway, and computer games.


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