Do I Post or Don’t I…

I have a problem. I’m trying to raise funds for the Cave Rescue Organisation by doing their 12 Mile Challenge. I’d like to post a link to my Just Giving page on my blog, but the page has my real name on it, in the link in fact.

Do I post it or not risk it?


4 responses to “Do I Post or Don’t I…

  1. Maybe you could set up some sort of a paypal account that you could then transfer all funds from to the charity. I think you could probably print a screen shot or something of the transfer and blank out your details or something to show the honesty of your actions – something along those lines maybe?

  2. I guess it also depends on your level of comfort with your RL persona vs. your blogging persona. Many of my coworkers–including my boss–know that I game and that I blog about it. But I generally don’t advertise my RL name. If I can help it. If someone digs they could find it fairly easily.

    • Well my posts from this blog are shared on my Facebook page, so my boss and family can see what I write no problem, but it’s not like anything I write here is offensive or risqué. But there is at least one person I’d rather not find this blog, an ex who dug up an old personal blog of mine a few years back to call me names. I’d rather it didn’t happen here.

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