No Invite? No Problem

When I signed up for the World of Warcraft annual pass it was the free Diablo 3 and the shiny in game mount that attracted me. I figured I would be playing WoW anyway and paying the subscription so I signed up. The guaranteed Mists of Pandaria access really wasn’t a big draw for me.

So it feels like I’m the only person in this game who isn’t QQ’ing over the fact I didn’t get a beta invite the day it opened. I’ve seen so much rage it baffles me. I’ve still not decided if I’m going to even join in when I do get my invite. Levelling Pinkamena has made me realise that I’m bored of old and current content, even the Cataclysm areas. So I want to MoP to remain fresh as long as possible (by the time it comes out I’ll have at least 6 lvl 85’s to get to 90). Even the Pandaren starting areas. So I’m quite happy to read about the new content without playing in the beta.

If I change my mind then I’m sure I’ll get my invite eventually. So all you impatient people



5 responses to “No Invite? No Problem

  1. I am the same way. I dont think I will do the Beta. I like seeing everything for the first time when I start playing it for real. You dont get to keep your beta character, so it is essentially pointless.

  2. What people complaining about the beta don’t seem to get is that the annual pass is for people who were planning to keep playing for a year anyway. If you signed up just to get into beta, you did it wrong. A lot of people also seem to think beta means “early access,” and everyone who got into beta will already have full T14 by the time the expansion goes live.

    I’m gonna check out the beta to try the monk class, if nothing else. I want to know if it’s something I’m gonna want to level or not. I’m also curious to see how the new talents play out. I’m going to avoid the Pandaria content so as to avoid spoiling myself, though.

  3. I’m relatively divided about the beta. Part of me wants to go try it, because I could potentially go raid, which I don’t do normally. But, I like experiencing things first with a relative polish on it, so I’m more than happy to not do much in beta, when, oh, I don’t know, the software is being TESTED!

    So I’ll think about it, but I may not bother. *shrug*

  4. I would avoid the beta if I were you. Why would anybody want to play buggy unfinished game? It would just ruin it for me. I can’t believe I’ve already waited over a year to get my Diablo 3 collector’s edition.

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