Oh Noes!!! Don’t Ignore Me!!

‘Dear’ Tunk, lvl 36 druid of Darkmoon Faire

I was running around the Darkmoon Faire Island fishing in pools as I really wanted the Sea Pony or the Riding Turtle.  Being on my Shaman I had cast Water Walking on myself and as riding along looking for them when I saw you fishing from one.  Now I am a nice person, so I ignored that pool and left you to it, and there was one just down the coast anyway, off an island so it was tough to fish.  Then you, Mr Tunk, came along and in bear form and started bouncing around in front on me, blocking my fishing bobber.  Now I assume you wanted buffing with Water Walking but your were being a rude idiot so I didn’t give it to you.  All you had to do was ask politely, but nooooo…  After a minute or so he left, but then I got a /w from you saying ‘Noted’.  Then you ignored me.  I sadly could explain the concept of manners to you.

I am so devastated.  How can I live with the knowledge that you have noted me ignoring your rudeness.  I must be blacklisted by the entire server now.

I wanted to beg forgiveness so when a few minutes later I did indeed fish up a Riding Turtle, and went looking for you to show just how sorry I was, but sadly you weren’t there anymore.

Yes, I am a sarcastic person sometimes.

Also, I’m pretty sure your name is semi offensive, as I too have seen Kick Ass.

Love, Petaline


P.S. It’s a pretty turtle ^^




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