Mains: Can There Be Only One?

So hey, it’s been a while. Just dusting the blog off, it’s a wee bit dusty!

The burn out isn’t as bad as it was, but that could be because due to my working hours and G’s working hours I’ve not had much time to play. Other than raiding a few times a week I’ve not really logged on at all, which is a shame because I wanted to make the last push to get my lvl 82 hunter to 85 before MoP. Mind you I’m sure I have a while yet.

But during last nights raid I got thinking. Currently I have four characters than are DS geared. I have Petaline, my healing shaman, Morrigu my shadow priest, Moraith my crappier geared death knight, and now Pinkamena, my feral kitty Druid I’m having way too much fun playing right now. In the passed few weeks I’ve taken all of them on raids, and rolled on gear for all of them.

Back when I first started raiding in vanilla the guild I was in had a rule that you had one main character than you would raid with. You could have alts but they would only rarely be allowed to go on an official raid, and if you wanted to change mains the officers had to approve it. This has pretty much been the rule in all guilds I have been in up until I joined Enthusiasm.

Maybe it because there are a lot of altoholics in the guild things seem a lot more fluid than in my previous guilds. I started out with my DK, Moraith as my main, but once FL hit I had lost a bit of interest in her and Morrigu the Spriest became my main. Then one of the healers got healing burn out and I swapped to Petaline, my healer as my main. Now we’ve more healers in guild I’m playing Pinkie. And now I’m worried I’m being selfish…

On thursday we cleared DS. I was on Pinkie, so for last nights raid we did another run with others characters, so I took Peta. I use a main hand/off hand with her rather than a staff, but I love shields. So when the shield dropped from Warhamster (my guilds pet name for him) I rolled and won it even though it was only a small upgrade for me. It was only afterwards I realised that it was a much bigger upgrade for the healing paladin in the group and after a few minutes of persuading him to allow it I traded it over to him.

So I’m having a bit of guilt about rolling on gear for different characters. Is it just me? Do you think you should have one main and ONLY one main that you stick with no matter what? Or doesn’t it matter as long as all raiding members have the right gear?


2 responses to “Mains: Can There Be Only One?

  1. If the raid leaders and memebers are reasonable, then I would whoever would beneift most from an upgrade should get it, I’m not fond of participation related DKP though. If you’re in a given raid you should be given a fair shot at the loot. Luckily, I have been part of guilds that operated that way, when I was raiding regularly.

  2. The theory my old guild took was if you rolled on stuff on an alt, you had to be ok with then bringing that character to a main raid if needed. So it was a bit of double edged sword, you might miss out on an achievement or loot for your main down the line but you could take stuff on alts if you wanted.

    I think having one person capable of taking multiple rolls helps the guild in the long run and that people should be fine with it. For example in TBC I geared my Shaman up through alt runs, the occasional farm run etc and then when all our Resto Shamans quit just before the Sunwell, suddenly all that gear paid off when our GM asked very nicely if I minded bringing my Shaman to our main raids.

    We always had either Loot Council or DKP based on you the player, rather than the character though.

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