The Many Faces of Morrigu

Not much gaming has been happening at my end.  I’ve been a busy little barmaid, and find that I am too tired to do much more than sleep when I get home!  But I was looking at a couple of recent photo’s taken of me, and was struck by the differences between activities in them, which just shows how odd and varied my life can be sometimes!

The first picture was taken during a caving trip run by Yorkshire Dales Guides down a cave called Long Churn, not far from where I live.  So here is me in a fetching red caving suit and helmet.

It was a little bit of a squeeze 🙂

The next photo was taken this weekend.  It was Ingleton 1940’s Weekend, and well, I had to dress up for work.  Never let it be said when Morrigu does something she does a half assed job of it!

I very rarely wear dresses, so to me this is a big deal! And I have to admit I cheated and got a hairdresser to do the hair.

So yeah, just goes to show the weird stuff I fill my time with 😛



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