The ‘Right’ Way to Play a Game?

In my quest to relieve my WoW burnout I have been trying to get into Star Wars: The Old Republic again. I rolled a cyborg Bounty Hunter, who looks a little like Lady Gaga:

And yeah, I’m actually having fun.  I’m not sure if I am in it for the long haul, but it’s certainly passing the time.

But a converation in General chat made me think (quite a feat eh? 😛 ).  I rolled on an RP server.  I do RP a bit, and tend to find them a nicer, more mature type of server. I don’t create big, detailed character bio’s and stay IC 100% of the time but it is fun to decide what my character is going to be like.  Now as those who have played SWTOR know in every zone there are Heroic areas and quests where you have to group up to complete it.  The latest patch has added a LFG function, but not everyone seems to use it.  And sometimes finding a group for these Heroics seems a little hard.  Which a few days ago triggered a rant from a rather entitled seeming player about it sucked no one wanted to group with him, and if people don’t want to group with him then why do they bother playing an MMO, as the whole idea of the game is to be multiplayer.

Now I will admit to being a bit of a soloer in games.  When it comes to normal content I am happy to run around on my own and do things at my own pace. I am happy to group up for quests etc and I enjoy dungeons and raiding, but I like to be able to do things at my own pace when it comes to levelling.  I don’t believe I am ruining the game by doing it, and at the end of the day I play my £8.99 a month and I will decide how to play my game thanks very much.

But after laying into the soloers in game, the guy then laid into RP’ers.  And a few people joined in, saying that people who would rather RP than do Heroics or Flashpoints should GTFO and stop spoiling the game.  That the only point to SWTOR is to group up.  Well I didn’t agree with that, but ofc I got called names when I tried pointing out that RP was a multiplayer activity just as much as instances were.  But PvP is ok apparently.

What is it with people who seem to think the only way to play a game is THEIR way.  PvE, RP, PvP, it’s all good.  I hate PvP personally (I become a nasty person and yell alot whenever I try), and I spend most of my time PvEing but if a person wants to spend their game time knocking the snot out of other players then that’s their choice.  And I wouldn’t roll on a PvP server and then whine people don’t want to run dungeons all day long with me.

So yeah, Mr McWhiny Pants, if you don’t like people RPing then get off an RP server.


2 responses to “The ‘Right’ Way to Play a Game?

  1. I have written at length about idiots who think there is only one true way to play. To denigrate RPers for RPing on an RP server is especially dumb. You are of course correct, RP is a perfectly legit way to do multiplayer. The guy was probably trolling for some stupid reason, trying to get attention. The short answer to why no one wants to group with him is that he’s a butthead.

  2. This is just a regrettable instance of players seeing others as less than them – as a service provided by the game, rather than as people. “Enable me or you’re doing it wrong” is the sad, pathetic rallying cry of solipsistic buffoons.

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