Guild Rep: The Bad Kind

I was having a chat with some guildies recently, the subject being two guilds on our server.  Is it just us, or do you find certain guilds on your server are filled with asshats?  I mean everytime we have grouped with members of these two guilds (I won’t name either) they have turned out to be “GOGOGOGO”, stand in the bad and down right rude types, to the point where we groan whenever we encounter any of them.  Then there is one member of one of the guilds that is my own personal bugbear. The guy always seems to be around whilst I am doing my dailies, and whenever someone has nipped in and taken the item I am fighting towards, it’s ALWAYS this guy.  I’m not so paranoid as to think he is doing it on purpose, he isn’t there 100% of the time, but whenever he is around, it’s ninjatastic.

So my question is this:  Do only bad players join these types of guild as they are the only type that will tolerate their behaviour, or do these guilds transform good players.


One response to “Guild Rep: The Bad Kind

  1. I think it’s the first case those guilds tolerate (at the least) rude behavior, therefore inconsiderate or trollish players congregate in them. And while your bugbear may not be griefing you personally he is definitely ninja-ing your resource on purpose. The one Saturday a couple weeks ago that I tried out the Pandaren starting zone, I was thoroughly reminded of a big reason I left WoW, the ninja resource hogs. Not to plug GW2, but it is so nice not to worry about whether a node will still be there when I’m done fighting my way to it.

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