Extreme Make Over – WoW Edition

In any game I have to say I can spend ages creating my characters, it amuses my husband no end.  So yeah, getting the right ‘look’ for my character is important to me.  Back when I first started playing WoW I was quite happy with the character models.  I still don’t think they are bad, but lets face it, the lack of individual fingers and somewhat blocky outlines doesn’t look too good nowadays, especially when you compare it to the newer Pandaren models.

But blizzard have decided to address this in the next expansion, and have slowly been releasing pictures of the updated models, and I am for the most part happy with them.

Now I’m not going into all the updated models (sorry), but I am going to talk about the female Undead and the female Human models.  First off, the Undead.

The first ‘real’ character I ever rolled was a female Undead Priest.  I’d messed around with a few classes beforehand, but she was the first class I fell in love with.  I got her to 60, which took a while in those days, and she was my main for about a year before I ended up jumping ship to the alliance side.  I still have a soft spot for female Undead, but I don’t regularly play one.  Why?  Knees and Elbows.  Personally I think the bony knees and elbows ruin the look of armour for the most part, and when I heard about the model revamp I really, REALLY hoped they’d do away with them.  But alas, it’s not to be.


Still no knees or elbows.  But other than that it’s all ok, right?  Weeeeeelllll… Yes, apart from one thing.


They are too damn pretty.  Of course this is just one example, so I’m hoping that there are going to be faces that are more rotted, and I would hope you can still have the option to have it look like you face is held together by leather straps.  I’d say dead should be attractive, but that’s just how I feel about it.

So on to the female Human model.


Again, not bad.  Much smoother, and I love the updated hair.  Not sure about the body shape, but that’s always been one thing I haven’t liked about the WoW character creator is the total abscence of the ability to alter you body shape, height etc.  It doesn’t make much sense to me that a warrior who would require a lot of physical training has the same body shape as a mage who sits and reads books all day.  Plus if I want my character to be short and cuddly (and not be a female dwarf), then it’s kind of sad I can’t have her that way.

And on a final note, here is my new updated model female human character:


Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that who the examples look like.


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