About Me.

Well, where do I start?

Ok, I’m a 33 year old gamer who is currently juggling World of Warcraft, console gaming and spending quality time with my husband. Other than gaming my hobbies are caving, movies, art and antiques.

I live in North Yorkshire, England with the afore mentioned husband and  6 pet snakes (three Cornsnakes, a Western Hognose, a Royal Python and a Taiwanese Beauty Snake). I am a bar person for a local pub.

Tolerate and love, people!

My Characters:

Alliance, Darkmoon Faire EU:

Morrigu, Night Elf Shadow Priest

Pinkamena, Worgen Feral Druid

Aphasia, Ret Paladin

Caisha, BM Hunter

Petaline, Draenei Resto Shaman

Horde, Argent Dawn EU:

Eldaraina, Destro Warlock


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