20 Days of WoW Blogging – Day 13 – People (players/bloggers) that you admire

There are many people in this game I admire.

Sherise/Celiso/she of many names from my guild is one. She lives a very busy life with her job and yet still manages to kick ass when she does get to raid. And all the alts!! I don’t know how she keeps track!

And Theanorak, who’s job it is to keep us Enthusiasts in line and saved the guild from disaster by stepping in a GM at a bad time.

And Alquiel, who got me into this great guild. Maybe she isn’t a tree much anymore but she’s a great DK instead 🙂

And Anka, even if she is now Horde scum ( ^^ ), because she had the guts to follow her heart. (Now that sounds painful)

And Sephrenia, for the amazing amount of pets and outhealing me all the damn time!

Blog wise, well you just have to look at my Blogroll. Everyone I have listed have great things to say, I’d recommend any of them.

And the people who don’t fall into either catagory:

Boalicina, the gnome Mage from an old guild I was in, because he mixed being a skilled player with a lovely, lively person.

And Hallan, or rather my friend Oscar, who went from being an ingame friend to a real life friend, for going back to school and achieving his dreams no matter how hard it was.

And now for the non WoW stuff:

George Takei, for having an awesome voice and all his hard work for LGTB rights.

My friend Coileach, for his humanity and love of all things chicken related!

My dad for dealing with the crap the last few years have thrown at him, and still being able to play 9 holes of golf aged 74, albeit full of painkillers to do so.

And my brother, who has dealt with a bad knee and two operations, and has just started his own blog about working on the railway, and computer games.


20 Days of WoW Blogging – Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time

Well it depends on if it’s one of my days off or not, but I think things might be more interesting if do a working day.

I tend to wake up about 8.30, and eother get up and spend a bit of time aound the house or read for a few hours before heading to work for 12.  I do housekeeping in the rooms upstairs til 1.30, have a bite of lunch, then work on the bar between 3 til 6.  This will probably increase in summer but winter hours aren’t that long.

I then go across to my dad’s where my PC and working net connection is, and depending on what  night it is, I eitherget ready for the nights raid, run a few heroics or level an alt, depending on my mood.  Right now I’m trying to level Pinkamena as fast as I can so I’ve been playing her alot.

I play til 10 or 10.30pm, at which point I go home and spend a few hours with G before heading to bed.

I don’t play at the weekend, as they are ‘Quality Time With G’ time.  We usually go shopping somewhere, or to antiques fairs, or walking, depending on how my knees feel.  Caving will be added to that when the weather gets warmer!

20 Days of WoW Blogging – Day 11 – Bad habits and flaws

Well, I have a few of these.  Some that affect me in game, some that don’t.

First off I have the attention span of a gnat at times.  I don’t have ADHD, I just get distracted easily.  So if I’m waiting on a pull, if something happens on TV in the background I’ll be “Oooooh, look at that, wait, why are people dying?”.  I keep it under control pretty well in raids and dungeons, but when levelling I am forever tabbing out and looking at stuff.  You know the dog, Dug, in the film Up?

Chatting away and suddenly… “Squirrel!!”. Yeah, that’s me.  Oddly enough I wasn’t that bad at school, it’s only developed in the past 5 or 6 years.

I also have pretty bad self confidence, which can screw things up both in game and out of game.  For a long time I refused to heal random groups on my shaman, only guild groups, and I have never ever been able to bring myself to start a tank.  Probably related to the self confidence thing, I am terribly hard on myself.  I call myself all kinds of names, and a fiend of mine once said “If someone else treated you the way you treat yourself then you would think they were a total bitch”, and he is probably right.  But knowing that and doing something about it are two different things.

I probably sleep way too much too…

20 Days of WoW Blogging -Day 10 – Blog/Website favourites

Well all the Warcraft blogs I read are in my Blogroll, but I do read a few friends blogs, Spicy Cauldron and Willow’s Wheel of Change.

As for websites, there’s the usual Facebook, plus a some communities on LiveJournal. I go to the The Cheezburger Network a lot . I spend way too much time on these sites, but mostly I Can Has Cheezburger and My Little Brony


Also I visit Damn You Autocorrect, and from there various websites by the same people like Wrong Number Texts and Not Your Best Day.

And of course my guild website and the Warcraft website.

**EDIT** Obviously I do go to serious websites too, but I don’t want to bring people down.

20 Days of Wow Blogging – Day 09 – Your first blog post

This seems a little redundant as my first post was in January.

I was bored after New Years and decided to start a blog.  At first I was going to document levelling my Undead Warrior, but what the hell, I decided to include everything I felt like blogging about in WoW and my odd little mind.

Sorry, this is a bit of a let down…

20 Days of WoW Blogging – Day 08 – 10 things we don’t know about you

Ok, there are few things I can write here, hope none of it’s overshare!

1. I only have 4 toes on each foot.

I had both little toes amputated at the age of 18 as they were deformed and an operation to straighten them failed.  I won’t post a pic as some people get freaked out, but for the most part f I wear sandals people don’t even notice.

2. I once kissed the guy who played Mr. Bronson in Grange Hill.

Though people who are too young to remember him, or don’t live in the UK, it was Micheal Sheard.  This guy:

He gets choked by Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back.  And he was in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

*Ahem* Anyway, it was at a Doctor Who Convention, Battlefield IV in Coventry 2000.  I think there may be pics of it out there somewhere but I don’t have them.  And it was a joke.

3. I have a doll phobia.

Yep, I am freaked out big time by dolls.  The more realistic the worse it is.  I can’t sleep in a room with a porcelain dolls, I can even relax if one is near by.

4. I’m a practicing Pagan.

I don’t sacrifice virgins. They are in short supply round here anyway.

5. I’m allergic to Pencillin

Speaks for itself really.

6. I collect Carnival Glass.

What can I say… It’s shiny.

7. I also collect Pocket Dragons.

They are so cute!


8. I was named after a Flash Gordon character.

My parents liked names that were more usual.  So after watching an episode of Flash Gordon, I got stuck with the first name Dale.  People think I am a guy with a name like that, it causes so much hilarity.  Not.

9. I have 7 tattoos.

5 on my back and one on each upper arm.

10. I’m nuts about the musical Wicked.

I’ve seen it twice already, and am planning my third trip to see it.  I live 250 miles away from London so it’s a bit of a long way to go to see it.#

That’s Racheal Tucker as Elphaba in the London version.  I listen to the CD of the original Broadway cast alot.

Whew, that was harder than I though…






20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge -Day 07 – The reason behind your blog’s name

I wanted a blog title that stood out. Since meeting G I’ve been watching old movies more, and decided to alter the title of one to fit the Warcraft theme.


Arsenic and Old Lace is a 1944 film starring Cary Grant, based on a play by Joseph Kesselring. It’s a dark comedy about a gentleman who finds out on the eve of his wedding that his elderly maiden aunts have been killing off lonely old gents who call on them by poisoning them with spiked elderberry wine. His dotty Uncle Teddy who believes he is Theodore Roosevelt helps bury them in their cellar, thinking he is digging the Panama Canal. Yeah, it’s pretty insane.

So once I got the movie title in my head I started thinking about what I could change it to. I’ve never really played a rogue so I don’t know the names of the poisons they use so the arsenic had to stay. So I decided to change the lace. Maybe because I’m a Vanilla player Mooncloth is the first thing that came to mind, and it fit pretty well.


So there you have it. Thrilling stuff eh?