It’s Been a While *Dusts off Blog*

So it’s been a while huh? I’ve sadly neglected this blog, but I swear I’ll be more active from now on.

There have been some big changes for me, both in real life and in game. So I’d better explain.

I now work full time at the pub. Which is great, but for now at least I’m working Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings until close. As Enthusiams raiding nights are Monday, Thursday and Friday I had to make the hard decision to change to another guild, one that had raiding times more suited to my hours. So I am now a raiding member of Oops Wrong Button on Bronze Dragonflight EU. I’m also playing a Beast Mastery Hunter as my main now. I still have characters in Enthusiasm, and I will be dropping in to visit ALOT. I cried when I left, much to G’s bemusement, not being an online gamer like myself he didn’t quite get why I was upset.

Another change in my life is me and G get married in May. So much to plan, when I think I’ve got it all sorted something else comes up, and I had a disaster with ordering my dress online (the ‘UK’ company turned out to be a Chinese shop selling knock offs of other people’s designs, they even stole photos for the original websites), but I got my money back in the end and its all back on track. G’s outfit cost more than mine! But I am geeking out to the max in one respect. I am turning up to my wedding in a DeLorean. That’s the Back to the Future car for those who don’t know. Hey, what can I say, I have love those movies since I was a little kid! I’ve always wanted to ride in a DeLorean and now I am!


Anyway, I am at work so better be getting on with things. I’ll be designing a new banner reflecting the new changes for my blog later.


Damn You Gamestation…

I buy all my games from my local Gamestation.  I love that shop, the people who work in the one near me are fun, friendly and don’t care if I have a vagina when buying games, unlike the local Game store where a male member of staff would only speak to G even after it was confirmed he didn’t want the game, I did.  Both stores are owned by the same comany, so it just goes to show your staff can really let you down.

I’ve shopped there for a good 5 years or more, and have always have had great service.  Until now.

For those who don’t know, Mass Effect 3 is released on Friday. For me this is a huuuuuuge thing.  I have been saving my trade in on my Gamestation Reward Card, because I wanted the Collectors Edition of the game. Which comes with the tin with the femShepherd artwork on. I preordered with them and thought that was that.

So imagine my joy when talking about how excited I was about ME3 on facebook the other day and a friend of mine piped up “You ordered with Gamestation?  But they have cancelled all preorders, they won’t even stock the game…”

And what do you know, it was true. To quote T3 “Game and Gamestation will not be stocking Mass Effect 3 when it’s released. Game have claimed that this is a ‘supply issue’ however a source talking to CVG believes it is a credit issue with EA Games.”

Now if the company is in difficulties then I can understand.  I may not like it but I understand.  But the thing that really pisses me off is I found out that my preorder had been cancelled from a random person on the internet, and not from the people at my local store who have my details and haven’t even bothered to phone me. Chances are I would have turned up at the shop and only then would I have been told.

So I’ve preordered a normal copy of the game through Amazon.  I can’t afford the CE version without the trade ins I had saved. But it’s better than nothing…

Gamers vs The Great Outdoors

Earlier this week I blogged about taking part in the CRO Challenge, a 12 mile walk in aid of the local Cave Rescue Organisation. I’ve been telling a few people about it, friends and relatives, and I’ve mainly had positive comments. But I’ve also had a certain type of comment from them too. “I didn’t think you gaming types liked going outside” or words to that effect.

We all know the stereotype. You mention gaming and people get the image in their heads of an overweight guys with bad hygiene sat in front of his PC or games console all hours. Like the guy in the South Park World of Warcraft episode.


But really, how many of us fit that stereotype? Hell, how many of us know someone like that? I don’t. The closest I have ever come to knowing someone like that was back in WoW vanilla when a 15 year old member of a guild I was in was banned from playing because he was playing the game when he should have been studying. A few years back when I had personal problems and I spent a lot of time playing WoW I would still go out and see friends, or do other things.

I dare say there ARE people who do spend far too much time playing games, who may fit partially into the stereotype, but all the gamers I know go out to work, have social lives and do plenty of activities outside the game. Like bellydancing 🙂

So do people really, honestly think we are all fat lazy no lifers?