It’s Been a While *Dusts off Blog*

So it’s been a while huh? I’ve sadly neglected this blog, but I swear I’ll be more active from now on.

There have been some big changes for me, both in real life and in game. So I’d better explain.

I now work full time at the pub. Which is great, but for now at least I’m working Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings until close. As Enthusiams raiding nights are Monday, Thursday and Friday I had to make the hard decision to change to another guild, one that had raiding times more suited to my hours. So I am now a raiding member of Oops Wrong Button on Bronze Dragonflight EU. I’m also playing a Beast Mastery Hunter as my main now. I still have characters in Enthusiasm, and I will be dropping in to visit ALOT. I cried when I left, much to G’s bemusement, not being an online gamer like myself he didn’t quite get why I was upset.

Another change in my life is me and G get married in May. So much to plan, when I think I’ve got it all sorted something else comes up, and I had a disaster with ordering my dress online (the ‘UK’ company turned out to be a Chinese shop selling knock offs of other people’s designs, they even stole photos for the original websites), but I got my money back in the end and its all back on track. G’s outfit cost more than mine! But I am geeking out to the max in one respect. I am turning up to my wedding in a DeLorean. That’s the Back to the Future car for those who don’t know. Hey, what can I say, I have love those movies since I was a little kid! I’ve always wanted to ride in a DeLorean and now I am!


Anyway, I am at work so better be getting on with things. I’ll be designing a new banner reflecting the new changes for my blog later.


Serving Beer Makes Me Feel Oddly Creative.

When I was a teenager I loved to draw. I spent most of my lunch breaks at school drawing, mostly copying pictures from anime and comics, but that helped me get a basic knowledge of what to do and I did my own stuff too. I also used to write stories, though no one was EVER allowed to read them. Then between the ages of 17 and 20 something happened I’d rather not talk about and I pretty much stopped all that. I guess I got out of practice, and was far too critical of myself and found the antidepressants I was on made my hands tremble, so I stopped drawing all together. And that’s kind of been a theme. Same with the digital photo manipulation, my life went haywire for a while and I’ve found it hard to get started again.

Then I started working behind the bar at work. It’s amazing what serving beer can do for you! For the first time in years I feel creative.

Firstly I have found a new self confidence. I never would have seen myself in a job so closely interacting with people a few years back. I haven’t mastered the art of small talk yet, but I find myself chatting to strangers, something that used to terrify me. Finally people are not scary! Well, yes, they are but I can ignore it and deal with them anyway.

And I’m guessing the new self confidence has awakened the creative part of me again. I have an idea for a story bouncing round my head, that I came up with on a very slow shift whilst washing glasses. It revolves around a pub, and is probably a bit Ashes to Ashes meets Neil Gaiman, but I may just write it. I’d go into details but I’m always worried if it IS a good idea someone will pinch it before I do something with it 🙂

And I want to draw! And photomanip! And oh my gosh I’ve not felt like this in years…

Now I just have to find the time.

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines! I hope you all have the day you deserve, and if you don’t then have a big glass of wine, whiskey, Harvey Wallbanger on me.

I’m between my work shifts right now, and as G started work at 6am all I have had so far is him waking me up at 5.30am to say Happy Valentines Day. As it’s the thought that counts I didn’t rip his face off for waking me so early.

Of course at work imagine my joy when I went into one of the rooms I need to remake to be confronted with this:


Heart shaped glitter/metallic confetti . It may not look like much to you but it was EVERYWHERE. Even in the toilet. And the Hoover didn’t like picking it all up. Well, I hope they had a good morning. Not that I want to think about that.

I got G a card and some special heart shaped biscuits. He’s a bugger to buy for, so I usually go for some kind of food. He doesn’t like smelly shower stuff, and his main interest is antiques which I know very little about.


I confess I didn’t make it myself.

Anyway, everyone have a lovely day. I’ve even taken the evening off from raiding 🙂

A Transmogging ‘Ooops’

I decided today to get a transmog set for my Shaman, Petaline.  I chose the Sundered mail set, but that wasn’t entirely availabe on the AH, but the Defender mail set pretty much matches, and I managed to get bits of that and cobble a new outfit together.

I didn’t think of one thing though.

Peta has quite a dark skin tone, and in some lights the dark blue part of the pants mathces that very well.. And she looks like she is commando.  Which caused much hilarity to the people in my raid tonight.

But other than that, isn’t she pretty ^^

Promoted! Sort of…

I was unemployed for 3 years before I lande a job where I currently work.  Employers, when they saw I had been off work caring for my mentally ill ex-husband seemed to assume that meant I had been sat on my butt all day when the truth was I had to be ‘on duty’ as it were 24/7.  So finding a job after we split up wasn’t easy, and i was thrilled to get not just a job but in a place where I got on with the people i work with.

That was last year, and now my hard work has paid off.  I’ve been put on permenant contract, given htree whole bar shifts of my very own and best of all, have been told I can start doing some college courses my boss will pay for.  Woot!!

Ofcourse the downside is it stops me raiding in WoW on a tuesday, but I am not SO big a geek I will let that stop me 🙂