PayPal and an Awkward Moment

G isn’t a techosavvy kind of guy, so he tends to use my PayPal account whenever he buys online. As a result I have not only my card details linked to my account but also his. And my mothers but that’s a whole other story.

Now I don’t know why but even though I have tried to specify that my card is the primary card to use on my account but sometimes when I’m not paying attention it automatically brings up G’s card as the funding option when buying on eBay. Which happened last night and I clicked pay now without checking.

Ah, that awkward moment I had to hand over £5 to G… Not awkward because I used his card by accident, he’s fine with that as long as I tell him right away, but it became very awkward when I had to tell him I had bought a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic figure of Rainbow Dash. I swear he laughed for 10 minutes straight….



My Inner Brony Tells Me I Was Wrong

I am a Brony, which I believe is the correct term even if I am female. There, I said it! And I’m not ashamed!!

So yesterday’s complaint about LFR was wrong of me. Instead I will Tolerate and Love all assholes.