All Work and No Play..

Not had much chance for gaming this weekend. Yesterday I was working in the morning doing housekeeping then in the evening I was working again but on the bar, which went well apart from cutting my finger open slicing lemons. I’m still a novice barmaid, but I’m getting better, and don’t worry I threw out the lemon slices I bled on.

Inbetween shifts G and I took my mother into town. Bit of backstory: my mother is 64, disabled and year before last had an affair and walked out on my dad, so think are, shall we say… Fraught between us. But I’m doing my best. Sadly one of my mothers worst habits is making snide personal comments about me, it makes her feel better about herself I think. Well yesterday the topic of her snideness was the Pandora charm bracelet G bought me last week to celebrate good news. For those that don’t know, Pandora is sort of expensive and quite fashionable, neither of which are the reasons I got mine. My bracelet is braided purple leather with three silver charms: a snake, a pumpkin and a round charm with enamel flowers. Well, mum chose to make comments about how she always thought I was ‘above’ such silly things as fashion and I’m losing my integrity. I got my bracelet for one reason: I liked it. So sue me, behind the gaming, tomboyish semi gothic exterior I like pretty shiny things. So to say she kind of put a downer on a perfectly nice afternoon is an understatement. But we made it home without me killing her.

Then, just to top things off about half an hour after I finished work I started with a stinking cold, which persisted through the night and made work this morning an utter joy. So no gaming today either: I’ve been in bed all afternoon reading TV Tropes and drinking hot toddys.

I have to get better tonight though as tomorrow is my works Christmas meal. Yes, I know it’s January but we can hardly close up the pub for an evening during a busy period. I even have a Santa outfit to wear. Yes, I’m crazy.