Oh Bloody Hell

Before 4.3 came along I was getting kind of bored with my Frost Death Knight, Moraith. I’d just levelled my Shadow Priest, Morrigu, to 85 so I decided I’d make her my new main, and started gearing her up.

4.3 hit and my priest gear is iLevel 377 (would be higher if the damn RNG didn’t hate me and refuse to drop any shoulders to replace my 353 ones). Yesterday I put my DK through the new Twilight Heroics, and got her gear iLevel up to 370 or so.

Here is the thing though. As a Spriest I am consistently bottom of the DPS meters. But my DK, even as behind in gear as she is does so much better. As a result I think I suck at Shadow Priesting and should go back to my DK as my main. Dammit!!! I don’t know what to do!!!

Well, I could forget about DPSing and go for my healing shaman instead…. j/k!