Smart? Maybe Not. Satisfying? Hell Yes!!!!

It’s been a busy weekend, so this is the first chance I have had to do LFR Petaline, my resto Shammy.  First half I only got the VP, which is enough, but second half, I got Timepiece of the Bronze Flight, a nice shield that was an upgrade.  And tbh I loooooove shields, they are far nice than Off Hands IMO, so double yay!

But what is this?  Mr Healing Pally isn’t happy that I have won it.  He WANTS THAT SHIELD!! And I won’t hand it over as he is being whiney and rude.  I did inspect his gear, it was the same upgrade for him, so not like he only had a 359 or anything.

So it’s onwards and upwards, and we put down Deathwing like the rabid animal he is.  And Maw of the Dragonlord drops.  Again, an upgrade for me, so I roll on it.  So does Mr Pally-ally-alladin, and wins, even though he has the 403 version.  “GIVE ME THE SHIELD OR I’LL VENDOR THE MACE” he says.

Now this is me we are talking about.  I’ve dealt with assholes all my life, from the guy who wee’d on my My Little Pony toy when I was 5 to getting the snot kicked out of me to save a kitten from someone wish it harm (He was 6ft 5, that didn’t stop me) so an internet tough guy doesn’t phase me.  And I have this mindset where I don’t give into bullies.

“Vendor it then.” And with that, I left the raid.

Did I want the mace?  Is the Pope Catholic?  Of course I did.  Was it a better upgrade? Sure it was.  But come on, if I give into people like that they’ll think they can get away with shit like that all the time, so no, I am not going to enable his crappy behaviour.  I feel bad for the other people who needed that mace though.

So, maybe I cut my own nose off to spite my face, but damn, it was satisfying!


Morrigu, Destroyers End!

Ok, ok, it’s probably way behind the rest of my readers but we finally downed Deathwing tonight for the first time.  We not only beat him but we totally thrashed the Attendance Boss that has been hiting us for a gazillion the past few months.

I’m the Shadow Priest on the left next to the bear. We even celebrated with cake.

And here we are posing with the Dragon Aspects.

And to top it off tonight I won Will of Unbinding and Rathrak, The Poisonous Mind. I’m one happy priesty!

Talk About In At The Deep End

My guild was doing a DS progression raid tonight. Due to being casual and having some attendance issues we are still working on our first Madness of Deathwing kill. Which we didn’t do tonight but holy hell…

Let me just say I have done LFR on all three of my raid geared 85’s. Ok the first time I healed it on my Shaman, Petaline, I nearly wee’d myself, but it went well. She’s currently at 378 iLevel, and though I’ve healed all of FL I’m a tad inexperienced.

But one of our main healers has gotten healing burnout and wants to DPS. So tonight I was drafted in to heal DS. Starting at the Spine. No easing in gently for me!! Nope, it’s in the thrown in the deep end by the seat of my pants way for me! And I don’t think I did too badly, we at least got the Spine down.

But maybe on Thursday I can start from the beginning…