Pretty Pandas and a Bit of a Rant.

They have revealed the female model for the new Pandaren race in WoW. But you already knew that.


I like her. I still don't like how male Draenei are big, hulking things and yet the females are skinny whispy things, and I was worried the Pandarens would go the same way. I'd like her to look a but fiercer though, I hope there are options for that. Ideally I'd still like more customisation choices during character creation, for height, weight etc. I've never been able to get into Everquest 2 but damn, I could play with the character creator all day.

Now I'm going off on a tangent, sorry. I noticed a lot of comments about how the existing female character models look are 'like something from a men's magazine'. I know the type of thing, mags like FHM with pneumatic looking blondes on the front cover. They are much maligned for objectifying women, and promoting the idea that the only skinny women are attractive. Whether you agree with that or not is not the purpose if this post. Rather, why is it we vilify men's magazines when women's magazines are just as bad? I can pick up a women's magazine and see photos of celebrities imperfections splashed over the pages with mocking comments "Look, she has cellulite, the fatty!!" or "Oh dear, a little bit of her wobbles, she's really let herself go!". Ok, there are less bare boobs in them, but they objectify women none the less. I rarely read them myself, only in waiting rooms if there is nothing else on offer, but when I do I feel a little bit of my self esteem wither and die. But you never see campaigns to get them off the shelves, unlike lads mags. I think I'll stick to reading National Geographic in my GP's waiting room.


MoP: Beta Testing and Opinions

Two topics in this post. First off, the MoP Beta. I signed up for the annual pass, which will give me guaranteed access to the MoP Beta. I’ve never been chosen for any of the WoW betas before so never had to think about it before, but should I or shouldn’t I take part. I don’t know about you guys but when it gets to the end of an expansion I’m crying out for new stuff. I can only do new areas so many times before it becomes a drudge. By taking part in the Beta the new stuff will become older quicker, and that’s what’s making me hesitate. Have any of you guys ever been in an expansion beta? Is this the case?

Secondly, I was thinking about what I’d like to see in MoP. Mostly silly stuff really, but here goes:

– More character slots. All mine are full and I want a monk.

– Freshen up older character models. The vanilla models are nowhere near as good as the new ones. Have you seen their hands?!

Which leads me to:

– Knees and Elbows for the Forsaken. Seriously, it bugs the hell out of me.

And this is totally in the realms of fantasy:

– A new profession: Critter Tamer, where you can tame critters and sell them as mini pets. You could have rare critters, damn I would love it. However I’m sure it’s just me being silly and is really a crap idea.

There is more I’d like but can’t think of it right now. So what do YOU want to see? Serious or silly.