SOPA? SOP-off!

Yesterday a lot of my most frequented sites blacked out in protest against SOPA. I don’t blame them. I’m English so I know it doesn’t directly affect me, other than it will ruin my internets. Those cute memes that brighten my day? They’ll go. Wikipedia, the tool that I use to satisfy my odd urge to find out who sung what song when I’m being kept awake by nagging thoughts at 2am? Bet that would go too. But the pirates, the one making all the money? They’d still be there.

When I lived in a bigger town than I do now I’d visit a friends pub on a regular basis. Every week a Chinese guy would come in and offer us a selection of the newest films just out in the cinema on DVD for £10 a pop. We always declined but he was regular as clockwork, and the police never did anything even when informed. How about we go after the people who were behind that? Not someone posting a pretty picture on the Internet…