Morrigu, Destroyers End!

Ok, ok, it’s probably way behind the rest of my readers but we finally downed Deathwing tonight for the first time.  We not only beat him but we totally thrashed the Attendance Boss that has been hiting us for a gazillion the past few months.

I’m the Shadow Priest on the left next to the bear. We even celebrated with cake.

And here we are posing with the Dragon Aspects.

And to top it off tonight I won Will of Unbinding and Rathrak, The Poisonous Mind. I’m one happy priesty!


I Did it AGAIN!!

It only feels like yesterday that I posted this about my first trip into LFR.  Since then I have done the Siege of Wyrmrest Temple quite a few tim, but I have never dared to try The Fall of Deathwing.  Until today!

I’ve gotten as far as the Spine of Deathwing with my guild, so I thought it may be time to try LFR.  It was a usual full of people whining about things, and an annoying DK he thought he was the mutts nuts, but it went fine.  A few wipes but meh, I can live with that.  And I didn’t actually win any loot, which I am very glad about in one respect as I accidentally rolled need on a healer mace that dropped from Deathwing and I can only imagine the QQing if I had won it.

And here is the surprise:


5th over all on the DPS.  And above the annoying DK, which just adds to the enjoyment.  Of course as far as I know it could have been a crappy DPS raid, but I’m still pleased with myself.  If I wasn’t on a diet I’d have some cake.

I Did It!!

So further to my previous post about finally braving LFR I went ahead and did it after lunch.  And I did the four bosses, though it was a bit shaky at first.

So what are my thoughts?  Well, I think a hell of a lot of WoW players are assholes.  At least, they are online, I imagine they are internet tough guys.  For example:

Just one such gem.  A huge shitstorm broke out when one of the top Ding hunters rolled on a tier token despite already having the damn item as he did it for ‘justice’, why should low dps get anything when he is so freaking great.  Never mind the low dps is down to them needing the gear he feels HE deserves all of.  Lovely.

But you know what, I stuck it out and ingored the raid chat for the most part.  We wiped on Morchok, mainly because people didn’t run to the crystal, but that was the only thing that really went wrong, depsite various people saying things were ”fail”  even when we were downing a boss.  I am really begining to get a healthy dislike for the term Fail btw.

I was worried about my DPS somewhat, but look:

There is little old me at number 7.  Ok, that probably isn’t great DPS, not that I know if it is or not, but that means there were 10 people behind me, so meh, will do for me.

And the best part?  Gloves of Dying Light and Mosswrought Shoulderguards are now mine!