Operation: Easter Snake

I’ve been a wee bit quiet, and have fallen behind in the whole 20 Days of WoW thing, but it’s been a bit mad, combined with mild burnout. And an Easter surprise I really didn’t expect.

Well, the Easter surprise will explain the title so I’ll talk about that first. As some may know I’m a Crazy Snake Lady. I have three pet snakes: Two Corn Snakes and a Western Hognose. Well, I had noticed over the last few weeks my bigger Corn Snake looked a bit chubby, but it was a total surprise when it laid 12 eggs yesterday. One sadly was bad but the rest seem fertile, and after ascertaining I will be able to find a home for them, I’m now incubating the rest. So Morrigu is gonna be a Grandma, if all goes according to plan anyway. It may not happen yet, hatching eggs isn’t easy, but here is hoping. Takes about 60 days, which means they should hatch around my birthday in June.

So yeah, burnout… I still enjoy raiding DS but most of the other stuff doesn’t interest me. I’m having fun levelling Pinkamena as I have mogging plans for her, but other than that, it’s all a bit ‘meh’.

So what else am I doing? Well, a friend of mine has convinced me to give SW:TOR a try again, and I have found myself messing around on Everquest 2 again, despite the fact I never get passed level 30 before cancelling my sub.

Roll on MoP I guess…


Gamers vs The Great Outdoors

Earlier this week I blogged about taking part in the CRO Challenge, a 12 mile walk in aid of the local Cave Rescue Organisation. I’ve been telling a few people about it, friends and relatives, and I’ve mainly had positive comments. But I’ve also had a certain type of comment from them too. “I didn’t think you gaming types liked going outside” or words to that effect.

We all know the stereotype. You mention gaming and people get the image in their heads of an overweight guys with bad hygiene sat in front of his PC or games console all hours. Like the guy in the South Park World of Warcraft episode.


But really, how many of us fit that stereotype? Hell, how many of us know someone like that? I don’t. The closest I have ever come to knowing someone like that was back in WoW vanilla when a 15 year old member of a guild I was in was banned from playing because he was playing the game when he should have been studying. A few years back when I had personal problems and I spent a lot of time playing WoW I would still go out and see friends, or do other things.

I dare say there ARE people who do spend far too much time playing games, who may fit partially into the stereotype, but all the gamers I know go out to work, have social lives and do plenty of activities outside the game. Like bellydancing 🙂

So do people really, honestly think we are all fat lazy no lifers?

I’m Probably Going Against The Grain Here

I picked up Star Wars: The Old Republic for Christmas, after playing in the beta. I have always loved the original trilogy, and liked the Knights of the Old Republic games, so it seemed natural I’d pick up SW: TOR.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice little game. So far I’ve levelled a Sith Sorcerer and an Bounty Hunter Mercenary to lvl 11, but some how, once I am out of the starting areas I lose interest. Dromund Kaas just seems dull. I like the social aspect of the conversations in groups, and I love how you send your companion off to do the crafting bit of the game, but it’s lacking that ‘something’ to drag me in. Maybe I should give the Republic side a try, but so far I have to say I’ve not been lured away from WoW.