Just When You Thought Spam Couldn’t Get More Annoying.

I’ve been around blogs enough to know all about the lovely spambots that leave comments in the hopes of it slipping through the net and actually getting published.  Usually I get inane waffle written by someone who obviously doesn’t speak english as a first language, and the user info links to something like impotency tablets or something.

Then today I had a spambot do something even more annoying than usual.

It just totally spoilered the end of Mass Effect 3.

I have been kind of busy and haven’t managed to get massively far in ME3, and I’ve been avoiding spoliers like the plague.  It’s bad enough that people are whining about the crap end to the game all over the place, but I managed to avoid details.

But nooooooo, Mr Spambot just had to go and leave a massive big spoilerbomb in my spam filter that I ended up reading whilst checking.



Why is it when WoW has graphical glitches they always manage to be mind numbingly terrifying?

The guild were messing around with Potions of Illusions last night, and this is one of the results. Oddly enough it only happened on my screen an one others but it was a serious wtf.


Colt is normally a Gnome Mage, but that seems to be a topless albino female Draenei with the face and moustache of a gnome and a female troll hairdo.

I think the face is the worst bit.

Lvl 20: Hello Hillsbrad and OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT I DON’T EVEN…

Raiding with my normal guild still hasnt started again, so I’m still playing my baby warrior.  She is now level 20, and that means Hillsbrad!  Oh yay, I thought, I hear that this has had a total makeover and The Forsaken now rule the area.

The first quest in Hillsbrad is quite funny.  You become a questgiver and meet 3 NPC’s based on stereotypical WoW players.  My favourite of which is Johnny Awesome

After giggling at this for a few minutes I went on to the next quests.  One is called Glorious Harvest. So off I go to find these bears.  Infested Bears.  And if the first quest in Hillsbrad is funny then this is down right nasty.  Bears infested with spider eggs.  For the first time in nearly 6 years in WoW this is the first time I have felt kind of ill doing a quest.  Yeah yeah, it’s all pixels, but bloody hell… I won’t post screenies but if you go off to find these bears then be warned, they are nasty.  I am thinking this may not bode well for the rest of the area.