Guild Rep: The Bad Kind

I was having a chat with some guildies recently, the subject being two guilds on our server.  Is it just us, or do you find certain guilds on your server are filled with asshats?  I mean everytime we have grouped with members of these two guilds (I won’t name either) they have turned out to be “GOGOGOGO”, stand in the bad and down right rude types, to the point where we groan whenever we encounter any of them.  Then there is one member of one of the guilds that is my own personal bugbear. The guy always seems to be around whilst I am doing my dailies, and whenever someone has nipped in and taken the item I am fighting towards, it’s ALWAYS this guy.  I’m not so paranoid as to think he is doing it on purpose, he isn’t there 100% of the time, but whenever he is around, it’s ninjatastic.

So my question is this:  Do only bad players join these types of guild as they are the only type that will tolerate their behaviour, or do these guilds transform good players.


Things I Have Learned About Driving

I realised today I forgot to blog about the fact I passed my driving test three weeks ago, first try! To celebrate Graham bought me a little red 1999 Ford Fiesta. It’s old, it’s done a lot of miles, but it’s mine!


I’m still learning things too. Like how sneezing whilst going 50 mph is terrifying.

MoP and Me

I’ve not blogged about MoP yet, I guess things have just been a little too busy to get round to it, so I should really take the time to do so.
The first thing I did was roll a Pandaran Monk, though as of yet I haven’t levelled her passed lvl 12.  I was very happy to get the name I wanted for her.  Ok, it’s cheesy, but one of my favourite movies is Big Trouble in Little China, so I named my monk after one of the characters, Miao Yin (as we aren’t allowed spaces in names I called her Miaoyin, close enough).  She’s the lady on the right (the other is Kim Cattrall from SaTC).  I think she has something silly like 3 lines in the whole movies and sepnds the rest of the time being a victim, but she stuck in my mind.

But after getting Miaoyin to the point I could chose a faction I concentrated on levelling Pinkamena.  She is currently 89, I hope to hit 90 in the next few days.
My first impressions were amazing.  Everything looks so pretty!  And the story lines are well written.  I have fallen in love with the game all over again, which I am very happy about after the major Cataclysm burn out.   The areas are well made and well thought out.  I absolutely love the Foxicopter I saw flying around Nessingwary’s camp.

And was I the only person who saw this in the Panda starting area?

Think this was put in after the whole Ji Firepaw controversy ? Or was it always there?

Anyway, back to levelling.  More later.